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Why Isn't Your Ducted Gas Heating System Working in Some of Your Rooms?

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Ducted gas systems allow you to heat all the rooms in your home from a central unit. Zoned systems offer even better control by allowing you to regulate the heat in individual zones. A well-functioning system should heat all the rooms where the heat is on. Therefore, if some of your rooms are getting little or no heat, your system could be faulty. Below are three issues to look out for in your ducted heating system. Read More»

What Influences the Cost of Air Conditioning Installation?

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Installing an air conditioning system is a critical step in improving the indoor climate of your new home. A properly sized and functioning AC system will provide cooling performance to keep you comfortable on hot days and sanitise the air to keep it clean for inhalation. That said, air conditioning costs money to install. Like many other new homeowners, you may be concerned about the cost of adding it to your home. Read More»

Is a Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning System the Right Choice for Your Home?

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The different kinds of air conditioners found on the market can be confusing, but they all generally fall into two categories — cooling only or heating and cooling. What each does is self-explanatory. A ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system is one of the best home heating and cooling options. This type of air conditioner cools your home in summer and provides warmth in winter, allowing you to enjoy thermal comfort throughout the year. Read More»

Top Reasons to Install Mini Split Air Conditioning in Your Outdoor Workshop

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If you have an outdoor workshop that you use for woodworking or other hobbies, then you might have most of the things that you need in your shop. You might have invested in an air compressor and a few power and hand tools, for example. One investment that you might not have made, though, might be in a mini-split air conditioning unit. Once you’re a little more aware of the benefits of one of these units, you’ll probably see that installing one could be a great idea. Read More»