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Is a Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning System the Right Choice for Your Home?

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The different kinds of air conditioners found on the market can be confusing, but they all generally fall into two categories — cooling only or heating and cooling. What each does is self-explanatory.

A ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system is one of the best home heating and cooling options. This type of air conditioner cools your home in summer and provides warmth in winter, allowing you to enjoy thermal comfort throughout the year. 

Although on the expensive side, ducted reverse cycle air conditioning may be the right option for your home if you hope to achieve these goals.

Heat and cool your entire house

Ducted air conditioning systems rely on air ducts that run throughout a house to deliver conditioned air. In the case of reverse cycle models, the ducts carry both cooled and heated air to the vents in each room.

Air-conditioned rooms generally have two types of air vents: supply air vents that output the cool or warm air, and return air vents that draw heat or cold from your indoor air. Since your ductwork and vents are essential for air delivery, you should keep them in good shape.

Maintain consistent indoor temperature 

Want to ensure uniform distribution of conditioned air room-by-room or throughout your home? With zoned ducted air conditioning, you can adjust the temperature of individual rooms according to your liking. As a result, you have complete control over the temperature of each room or area of your house.

Zoned heating and cooling is a great way to save energy and money, as you don't have to heat or cool unused areas of your home, such as guest bedrooms. 

Enjoy quiet AC operation

Air conditioning can be a significant cause of noise pollution in homes. When left unaddressed, elevated noise within the home can affect people's health and well-being.

If you want to minimise indoor noise disturbance, you should go for an AC system that runs quietly. With most of its noisy components housed outside, a ducted reverse cycle system can help you accomplish this goal.

With all the different benefits it offers, a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system will increase the resale value of your home. You can cash in on this highly coveted residential real estate feature when you finally decide to sell your home.

Contact an HVAC contractor for more information about installing a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system in your home.