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What Influences the Cost of Air Conditioning Installation?

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Installing an air conditioning system is a critical step in improving the indoor climate of your new home. A properly sized and functioning AC system will provide cooling performance to keep you comfortable on hot days and sanitise the air to keep it clean for inhalation.

That said, air conditioning costs money to install. Like many other new homeowners, you may be concerned about the cost of adding it to your home. Air conditioning installation costs vary depending on multiple factors.

Read along to learn more about the various factors influencing air conditioning installation costs.

The type of AC you choose

Many different types of air conditioners are available today. Each air conditioner works differently. The more advanced the technology used, the higher the purchase price.

For example, reverse cycle air conditioning offers the opportunity to cool and heat your home using the same equipment. Because of this, it costs more than standard, cooling-only air conditioning.

The size of your AC

What size of an air conditioner is right for your home? Air conditioning systems come in various sizes to match the cooling load requirements of different buildings. The higher the cooling loads of your house, the bigger your air conditioner should be to match those loads.

Larger AC units cost more than smaller ones, owing to their superior working capacity.

The energy efficiency of your AC 

While you may appreciate the cooling effect that air conditioning provides to keep you cool in hot weather, you still want to save money on your household air conditioning operations.

With that said, today's AC manufacturers offer many high-efficiency products to help consumers cut down on air conditioning costs. For example, an AC system with inverter technology (a variable-speed compressor) costs more to buy than a standard air conditioner. 

However, it may be an economical choice over the long term due to the associated energy savings.

AC installation requirements 

Every air conditioner type has specific design and placement requirements influencing the installation process.

For example, a ducted air conditioner may require installing new ductwork if it doesn't already exist in your home. Adding ductwork to it can significantly increase the cost of your AC installation. 

Generally, additional parts and customisations will also cause your AC installation costs to add up fast.

Need to know how much your new air conditioning system will cost to install? Contact a local HVAC contractor to get your quote.