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Why Isn't Your Ducted Gas Heating System Working in Some of Your Rooms?

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Ducted gas systems allow you to heat all the rooms in your home from a central unit. Zoned systems offer even better control by allowing you to regulate the heat in individual zones. A well-functioning system should heat all the rooms where the heat is on. Therefore, if some of your rooms are getting little or no heat, your system could be faulty. Below are three issues to look out for in your ducted heating system.

Defective zone controls

Zoned ducted heating systems have multiple thermostats that control the temperature in individual zones. When you set the temperature for a particular zone, the thermostat signals the electric motors to turn on the dampers and allow heated air into the room. If a zone has a faulty thermostat or defective sensors, the thermostat won't be able to sense temperature changes. As a result, it won't signal the air to come on in the room. If the heating problem is isolated to rooms in a single zone, check the zone's thermostat for defects.

Unbalanced heating system

Air balancing is the process of adjusting the airflow in each room to avoid hot and cold spots. If the system has unbalanced airflow, some rooms will receive little or no heated air. Below are two common causes of air imbalances in a heating system.

Long runs of uninsulated ductwork

Does your heating system have long runs of uninsulated ductwork? Are you experiencing heating issues in rooms far away from the furnace? As warm air travels long distances in uninsulated ducts, it loses heat to the surroundings. As a result, the rooms farthest from the heating system will feel cold or take longer to warm up. Therefore, insulate your ducts to prevent heat losses in the system. You may also need to restructure your ductwork to ensure even air distribution throughout the home.

Structural remodels

Have you recently carried out structural remodels in your home? Have you knocked down some walls to expand rooms? If so, your heating system may suffer airflow imbalances. The current ductwork and zoning system may not support the modifications. As a result, the renovated rooms won't receive sufficient airflow. You need to modify the existing ductwork to ensure even airflow in the remodelled spaces. 

Leaking ductwork

Leaks in the ductwork supplying heat to a specific room can cause airflow issues in the space. Because some heat is lost to the ductwork surroundings, the room will not heat as quickly as it should. Severe leaks can cause the air in the room to remain cold even when the heat is turned on. Repair the leaking ducts in the affected room to ensure sufficient heating.

All the above issues require the attention of a professional. Therefore, contact a heating contractor for heating repair services.