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Basic Facts About Ducted AC For First Timers

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If you’ve never enjoyed ducted air conditioning, but you’re thinking about having it installed in your home, you may need more information about how this type of AC differs from portable AC and how it can add value to your home. So to help you out, here are some basic things to know about ducted AC. Ducts Are Installed – Unlike portable or split-system AC, ducted AC requires the installation of ducts, which are ventilation devices typically made of polyurethane, fiberglass, steel, aluminum or fiberglass. Read More»

Three Primary Filters for Residential Air Conditioners

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A high-quality air conditioning is essential in every residential building. The appliance helps in improving the indoor air quality, cools the interior space and controls humidity. Generally, these systems are designed to provide long-term service in the home. However, their performance can decrease significantly due to negligence, and this will lead to energy inefficiency and poor indoor climate control. Therefore, it is critical to perform regular maintenance of the AC units for continued functionality. Read More»

Why Commercial Kitchen Ducts Should Be Cleaned By Professionals

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Commercial kitchen ducts pose a special cleaning challenge because the kitchen is under constant use so the ducts accumulate plenty of dirt and debris. This article discusses why you should contract professionals to clean the ducts of your commercial kitchen so that you maintain a high degree of hygiene in your establishment. They Have the Right Equipment/Techniques Commercial kitchen duct cleaning professionals have a variety of equipment and techniques that they can modify to suit a particular cleaning job that they are handling. Read More»

3 Heat Pump Types Available for Homeowners

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Heat pumps are a good heating alternative to many heating mechanisms used by home owners across the world. A heat pump uses less energy to generate heat compared to diesel, oil and electric heating systems. Heat pumps also lead to much less emissions when in use compared to their electric and oil driven counterparts. Heat pumps can however be confusing to many people due to the various definitions associated by them. Read More»

Air Conditioner Maintenance

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Having an air conditioning system can be a real blessing in the summer time, but it is only a blessing when it is working properly. In order to know that it is going to be working when you need it, it is important that you keep up with proper air conditioner maintenance. This involves just a little bit of work, and it is well worth it to know that you will be able to enjoy a nice, cool home all summer long. Read More»