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Why Commercial Kitchen Ducts Should Be Cleaned By Professionals

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Commercial kitchen ducts pose a special cleaning challenge because the kitchen is under constant use so the ducts accumulate plenty of dirt and debris. This article discusses why you should contract professionals to clean the ducts of your commercial kitchen so that you maintain a high degree of hygiene in your establishment.

They Have the Right Equipment/Techniques

Commercial kitchen duct cleaning professionals have a variety of equipment and techniques that they can modify to suit a particular cleaning job that they are handling. For instance, they can choose to use a chemical foam-making machine or a pressure washer in order to break down the grease that has accumulated within the ducts. 'Stubborn' sediment can be removed by the use of scrappers so that the ducts are spotlessly clean. This wide choice of equipment may not be available in-house due to budgetary constraints that may limit the kitchen duct cleaning equipment to one option only.

They Are More Thorough

A commercial kitchen duct cleaning crew may do a more thorough cleaning job than what an in-house team can do. This is because the in-house team may have many other cleaning responsibilities to execute (such as cleaning the floors of the entire building on a daily basis). Such additional responsibilities may reduce how much time they can devote to cleaning the kitchen ducts thoroughly. Thus, it is better to hire professional kitchen duct cleaners since they will devote all their attention to the kitchen ducts. For instance, they will be able to clean the top of the canopy and the dip trays. An in-house cleaning team may easily overlook these areas.

They Conduct Rigorous Testing to Ensure Standards are Met

Most jurisdictions have very stringent regulations governing the level of cleanliness of places that process or serve food to the public. A professional cleaning company invests in the most reliable testing equipment and supplies so that they can confirm that the places they have cleaned meet all applicable regulations. This helps them to market their services to other potential clients. Your commercial kitchen can benefit from this testing expertise and you will have no fears that the health inspectors in your area will find fault at your establishment.

Specialists undergo extensive training and perfect their cleaning methods by learning from each task they perform. That is why you should entrust the cleaning of the ducts in your commercial kitchen to a professional commercial kitchen cleaning service provider, such as Lotus Filters.