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Air Conditioner Maintenance

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Having an air conditioning system can be a real blessing in the summer time, but it is only a blessing when it is working properly. In order to know that it is going to be working when you need it, it is important that you keep up with proper air conditioner maintenance. This involves just a little bit of work, and it is well worth it to know that you will be able to enjoy a nice, cool home all summer long. While it is important to have air conditioning systems inspected and maintained by professional HVAC technicians, there are things you can do yourself between appointments, which are usually at the beginning of the spring and then again in the fall before winter sets in. These include:

Clean/Replace Air Filters

The air that comes in from outside is filtered and then then delivered to your home through the air conditioning system. The filters catch any dirt and debris in the air, so it doesn't get into your home. This means that in order for proper air flow, you need to change or clean the filters periodically. If you have disposable filters, you can easily replace them with new filters from any hardware store or home improvement centre. If it is a permanent filter, you will need to remove it from the unit, clean it with mild soapy water, and then allow it to dry before putting it back into the air conditioner.

Check the Coils

Over time, the evaporator and condenser coils will accumulate dirt. So, you need to clean them once in a while to keep this from happening, because when they are dirty, the air conditioner isn't going to function properly. In addition to cleaning the coils, make sure that you keep the area near the outside condenser unit clean. Remove any leaves, lawn clippings, and other debris that could get into the air conditioner and clog things up.

Check the Coil Fins

It doesn't take much for the fins on the evaporator and condenser coils to become bent. They are made from aluminum, and therefore are a bit flimsy. When they are bent, airflow is blocked, and your air conditioner will have to work twice as hard to provide cool air inside your home. You can get a tool known as a fin comb, which will allow you to put the fins back into place.

One Final Tip

At the end of the summer season, be sure to cover the outside unit of your air conditioner. This will protect it from the weather during the winter, so little work will need to be done in the spring to get it up and running again. For more information, contact Aircompliance Airconditioning Pty Ltd