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Three Primary Filters for Residential Air Conditioners

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A high-quality air conditioning is essential in every residential building. The appliance helps in improving the indoor air quality, cools the interior space and controls humidity. Generally, these systems are designed to provide long-term service in the home. However, their performance can decrease significantly due to negligence, and this will lead to energy inefficiency and poor indoor climate control. Therefore, it is critical to perform regular maintenance of the AC units for continued functionality. One of the important tasks in an ideal servicing program is changing the filters. These are important accessories which are inserted in the appliance to remove the impurities in the air. Here are the main filter types to consider purchasing for your air conditioner.

Basic Mechanical Filters

Mechanical filters are ideal for residential use because they are inexpensive to purchase in local stores. If you install this type of filter, it will protect your air conditioner from dust particles and debris. This will prevent circulation of these contaminants in your internal spaces. You can choose either fibreglass or polyester mechanical filters depending on your preference. They are easy to replace and are fairly efficient. Unfortunately, the mesh clogs easily, so you will need to carry out regular replacement.

Pleated Air Filters

Pleated air filters are more efficient in cleaning the air compared to the basic mechanical types. This is because the mesh is designed and fabricated with more fibres. In simple terms, when more fibres are used to create the filter, the product will be more effective. The pleated filters can capture smaller dirt particles, so your indoor air quality will improve significantly. There are different materials used to manufacture the filters including polyester, fibreglass and unwoven synthetic fibres. The main drawback of the pleated filter is that it costs more than the basic mechanical alternative. However, the former will last longer which can offset the total expenses.

Electrostatic Filters

If you require an efficient filter which can eliminate common allergens, you should consider purchasing an electrostatic product. This filter type is capable of generating electrostatic charges which attract particles from the air. It can get rid of fine wastes such as animal fur, pollen, mould spores and even smoke particles. There are also electronic filters which use electricity to attract pollutants from the air. They are more advanced than the rest, so they will also eliminate unfavourable smells for a more comfortable ambiance. The costs for both types can be high, but the efficiency and long-term service will be worthwhile.