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Things Are Going To Heat Up: Signs Your Split-System Needs Repairs Before Summer

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Winter may still be in full swing, but that shouldn't stop you from thinking about summer, especially where your air conditioner is concerned. If your split-system air conditioner wasn't functioning properly last summer, now's the perfect time to call for repairs. Without a well-functioning air conditioning system, you can be in for a long, hot summer. Luckily, most HVAC contractors have time during the winter to take care of air conditioning repairs right away. If you're not sure that your split-system air conditioner is in need of repairs, read the list provided below. If you experienced any of these issues the last time you ran your air conditioner, call for split system repairs right away. 

Your Controls No Longer Function

If your split-system air conditioner was out of control last summer, it might be time for repairs. The first thing you should do is change the batteries in the remote control. Once you've done that, try to activate your wall unit. If the remote still won't control your wall unit, try manual activation. If your wall unit still refuses to activate, you need to schedule repairs right away. Failure to activate could be a sign that your wall unit has electrical issues that need to be resolved. 

Your Unit Isn't Producing Cool Air

When your split-system air conditioner is functioning properly, you should have cool air from each of the individual wall units. If you don't, you need to take a closer look at the problem unit. You might not realise this, but your split system wall units utilise refrigerant for cooling power. Once the refrigerant is depleted, your split system will no longer produce cold air. Instead, your wall units will continue to blow air through the wall units. However, the air will no longer be cold enough to cool down the temperatures in your home. As soon as you feel anything less than cold air blowing through your split system air conditioner, call for repairs. 

Your Outside Unit has Ice Buildup

If you've discovered an icy buildup on the exterior coils of your split-system air conditioning unit, don't try to remove the ice on your own. Attempting to chisel away the ice could cause damage to the coils. Instead, call your HVAC contractor to schedule a service call. There are a few issues that can cause ice to develop on the coils. Two of those include a faulty thermostat or a broken fan. A repair technician can take care of both of those issues for you.