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4 Signs You Should Repair Your Gas Heater

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Gas heaters can be a reliable source of heat in a typical home. However, they require occasional repairs to keep them working well. If you fail to spot the signs that your gas heater needs repair early, then the damage could spread and end up damaging other parts of the heater. Some gas heater malfunctions can even put you and your family at risk. Here are several of the most common signs to look out for.

1. Sooty Residue

Gas heaters should operate cleanly, without creating any sooty stains. However, gas heaters that are not working properly can sometimes produce a black, powdery residue. If you notice soot building up around your heater, you should call a gas heater repair company as soon as you can. Soot is a signal that the heater is burning gas in a type of reaction known as incomplete combustion, which creates a poisonous gas known as carbon monoxide. Over time, this gas could build up in your home and cause health problems for you and your family.

2. Flame Isn't Blue

Gas heaters should always burn with a blue flame. If your heater's flame is a different colour, such as red or yellow or even brown, then it means that there's not enough oxygen available for the gas to undergo complete combustion. Call a gas heater repair service so they can repair the oxygen supply line and prevent your heater from producing any dangerous carbon monoxide.

3. Pilot Light Keeps Going Out

Gas heaters have a pilot light which should remain lit all the time. If the pilot light goes out often, then there could be a problem with either the gas supply or the air intake. Never try to repair these issues yourself, as you could create a dangerous situation that poses a risk of fire or carbon monoxide production. Instead, call a gas heater repair service so that a professional can fix your heater so that it works safely again.

4. Overheating Causes Shutdowns

Gas heaters are designed to switch off when they become too hot to prevent a fire from breaking out. If your gas heater shuts itself down due to overheating while the room is still cold, there is likely to be some issue that is causing the unit to overheat without supplying heat to the room. A professional gas heater repair technician can investigate this issue and get your gas heater working again.

To learn more about the gas heater repairs that professionals can provide, contact a heating company today.