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The Simple Steps You Need To Take To keep Your Ducted Air Conditioning Safe From Dust

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Everyone has heard of the horror stories of a badly kept ducted air conditioning system. Not only can larger air conditioners cause legionnaires disease if mould is allowed to grow but even smaller ducted heating systems can have bad smells, poor filtration and a general unpleasant feeling when in use. This is primarily because of the presence of dust in the system. You shouldn't dread turning on your ducted heating in winter, it should be something you look forward to and part of your relaxed home experience. Here are a few ways to keep your ducted heating and air conditioning safe from dust with just a few steps.  

Remove The Grill Biannually 

Dust, grime and bacteria can build up on any surface if left alone for a long enough time. Your air conditioning grills are prime suspects for hiding these nasty problems if left to their own devices. At least twice a year, you should remove all the grills in your house and wash them in hot water with some common dishwashing soap. Never put them back in before they are dry. Don't use too harsh cleaning chemicals as this can strip away the protective layers on the material that allow it to last so long. Simple detergent or hand soap is more than adequate. 

Vacuum When Possible

It is much harder to clean the inside of the ducted heating vents as opposed to the removable grates, but it is still possible. Attach the long neck accessory to your vacuum cleaner and have a quick go around the inside of your vents. While you won't get all of it, you will get to the places where dust is most likely to settle. Eventually, you will need a larger clean from a professional. 

Replace Air Filters

Air filters are the best way to ensure that any dust that does make it through the grills does not enter the air conditioning system. They are your last line of defence and they get the dirtiest because they are specifically designed to trap this loose dust. If you don't have air filters, you probably notice that you sneeze and get runny noses a lot due to the continuous presence of dust in the air. This can cause real problems for people who have asthma. Air filters are simple to install and can be swapped out even easier; it is just a matter of finding an applicable fixture and getting it installed. Then, at regular intervals such as monthly or quarterly, you should replace the filters with a new, fresh version. 

For more information about ducted heating, contact a professional.