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4 Cooling Tips for Your Industrial Warehouse

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Industrial warehouses often become very hot in summer, which can be a problem if you use the space to store temperature-sensitive goods. Even if your stock can be safely stored in a wide range of temperatures, worker productivity often suffers if the warehouse environment is too hot. The following four top tips can help you create a cooler and more comfortable environment in your industrial warehouse.

1. Invest in Reflective Roofing

Many industrial warehouses have a metal roof. While metal is one of the cheapest and most durable roofing options, one problem is that it absorbs a lot of energy from the sun. This heat energy can cause the warehouse to overheat.

To reduce the overheating impact of your metal roof, consider applying a reflective roof coating, which can deflect a large portion of the sun's rays. Manufacturers of reflective roof coatings say they can decrease the temperature inside a warehouse by between 20 and 40 degrees Celsius.

2. Install Insulation in Your Warehouse

Many people assume the only purpose of insulation is to keep a building warm in winter. However, by preventing heat transfer between the indoor and outdoor environments, insulation can also keep buildings cool in summer. Install insulation in the roof space and walls to stabilise the temperature of your industrial warehouse. As a bonus, this tip could also reduce your heating costs in winter.

3. Use a Smart Air Conditioning System to Stay Cool

Air conditioning is an obvious solution if you use your industrial warehouse to store temperature-sensitive products. A good air conditioning system can reduce costs associated with product spoilage, in addition to keeping your workers cool and comfortable.

Invest in an air conditioning system that has a thermostat so that the system can automatically adjust the amount of cooling it provides to keep the temperature within a narrow range. If you have a little more money to spend, a smart air conditioning system, which can be controlled remotely via an app, could give you even more control and convenience.

4. Maintain Your Warehouse's Air Conditioning System

Air conditioning systems need regular maintenance to keep them working efficiently. If you do not maintain your warehouse's air conditioning system, the filters will become clogged and parts may wear out, reducing or even stopping the flow of cool air around your warehouse. You can prevent this kind of disaster by scheduling regular maintenance checks for your industrial warehouse cooling system.