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The Top Three Tips to Improve Your Central Air Conditioning System's Efficiency

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With the incredibly hot summers here, there's no doubt that Australians need to rely on their central air conditioning system quite heavily. Whilst keeping your family cool and comfortable during the blazing hot weather is important, it can put a real strain on your billfold. If you've ever thought about how nice it would be to cut down on power bills whilst still staying cool, you'll appreciate these tips to increase your central air conditioning system's efficiency. 

Have Regular Air Conditioning System Servicing

Having your central air conditioning system serviced on a regular basis -- most manufacturers recommend yearly maintenance -- is one of the best ways to preserve efficiency. Your maintenance covers both the interior and exterior air conditioning system components. They'll usually do all of the following.

  • Clean the coils
  • Check air ducts for leaks
  • Check the coolant levels and adjust if needed
  • Evaluate the blower
  • Clean the blower
  • Check the filter and replace if needed

Simply by having this maintenance done once a year, you can identify problems early and resolve them before they greatly decrease energy efficiency. 

Change or Clean Your Air Filter Regularly

It's very important that you change your air filter at the recommended intervals. Some central air conditioning systems use permanent air filters instead, but they still need to be cleaned (washed) regularly according to the manufacturer's recommendations. The air filter not only keeps your air clean, but also protects the air conditioning system by filtering dirt and debris. When the air conditioning system is kept clean thanks to the air filter, this allows it to run at peak efficiency instead of being over-worked.

Monitor the Outside Component Regularly

The outside component of your central air conditioning system is just as important as the interior ones when it comes to achieving peak energy efficiency. Whilst your HVAC contractor will check the exterior unit during your yearly maintenance, it's something that you should monitor throughout the year as well. Simply do a visual scan of the outside component around once a month. Make sure that it's free of debris like dirt, leaves, and branches. If debris falls inside, it can eventually build up and cause a significant slow down in the system's power. For example, the outer fan will have to work twice as hard to provide power if it's coated with dirt and debris. Sweep away debris and do a light cleaning with a dry cloth -- it can really help preserve efficiency. 

If you follow the tips above, you can enjoy both cool air and a reasonable power bill. Contact your local HVAC specialist to learn more energy saving tips today!