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5 Things To Expect From Your Contractor During A Commercial HVAC Service

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A large part of keeping a commercial HVAC in good condition lies in seeking regular maintenance from a contractor or technician. However, more than that, it's equally important to know exactly what that service entails. This way, not only will you be informed about your HVAC's service needs, you will also be in a position to know if your contractor is doing a good job or not. Below, learn about the 5 main things you should expect during such a service.

Cooling/heating test

Your contractor will test the heating and cooling capabilities of your HVAC system by carrying out a temperature check. This test will allow them to quickly evaluate whether your system is cooling or heating your space appropriately. If your system is seen not to be performing at maximum levels, this could indicate low refrigerant or a need for repairs, e.g. thermostat replacement.

Refrigerant check

The refrigerant is the lifeline of any given HVAC system. It ensures that your system is cooled or heated adequately. In addition to that, the refrigerant reduces in quantity by a small margin every year. Other issues such as leaks can cause refrigerant loss as well. As such, your contractor will always check the refrigerant to make sure it's at the required level. This is a simple process that requires carrying out a quick refill if necessary.

AC cleaning

Part of maintaining a HVAC system is cleaning the unit to ensure that the heat exchangers (evaporator coils and condenser coils) function at maximum efficiency. HVAC cleaning also helps to improve air quality by eliminating dust, pollen, and other allergens accumulated within the system.

Ducting inspection

Connection ducts link the indoor unit to the outdoor unit and carry the refrigerant. Inspecting them is vital to ensure that there is no leak. Distribution ducts, on the other hand, are found in ducted systems and carry cooled or heated air to the different rooms. Inspecting these ducts is necessary to ensure that the ducts have no dirt, tears or pest infestation.

Mounting inspection

Your commercial HVAC contractor will also inspect the mounting of all your units to ensure that they are safely affixed to the walls, roof or walls of your property. Safe mounting not only protects employees from getting injured, but it also prevents falls which could drastically damage your HVAC system.

With the above information, you will now know what to expect from your HVAC contractor next time they come over for a maintenance service. You will also be aware of what type of service is lacking whenever your system starts malfunctioning.