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5 Budget-Friendly Secrets to Keeping a Warehouse Cool

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When the temperature in your warehouse rises too high, your workers, machinery and stored goods can be put at risk. During a hot summer, warehouses can quickly become unbearably hot, as the heat from the sun combines with heat produced by the equipment and people inside the building. To keep temperatures under control, you need to set up an internal cooling system that can efficiently combat the rising heat.

1. Use a Reflective Roof Coating

If your warehouse has a metal roof, you could cool the space inside by up to 20 degrees Celsius simply by applying a reflective coating to the roof. Untreated metal roofs heat up in the sun and pass that heat through into the interior space, causing temperatures inside to soar. The reflective coating causes a large fraction of the solar radiation to be reflected away, reducing the amount of heat that enters your warehouse.

2. Use a Thermostat

If your warehouse needs to stay within an acceptable range of temperatures, using a thermostat is a much more efficient way to keep it there than manually controlling your air conditioning system. All you need to do is set the temperature you want on your thermostat and forget about it. The thermostat will prevent the warehouse from overheating, as well as preventing the air conditioning from working too hard and overcooling the space.

3. Use Fans to Promote Air Flow

Fans move air around inside your warehouse, spreading out pockets of heat so that every part of the space has the same temperature. This means that your entire warehouse remains at the temperature that your thermostat is set to maintain. Fans also create a breeze that helps your employees feel cooler by up to 12 degrees Celsius. Select energy-efficient fan models to keep energy bills low.

4. Cool Only When You Need To

Does your warehouse need to maintain a constant temperature 24 hours a day? If the goods stored in your warehouse aren't temperature-sensitive, you may only need to cool the space during hours when employees are working there. Use a timer to automatically turn the air conditioning on and off according to your schedule to avoid wasting energy.

5. Look After Your Air Conditioning System

Air conditioning systems work most efficiently when they are clean and well-maintained. If the filters are clogged with dust, the air flow through the system is reduced. Ask a local air conditioning service to check your system and clean or replace any parts that are not working properly.