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How to Complete an Annual House Inspection

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In order to keep your house in good condition, it requires occasional maintenance and repairs. Before you figure out what maintenance needs to be done, you need to perform an inspection. Here are some tips for completing the inspection of different areas of your home.


A good place to start when doing an annual house inspection is to check that the HVAC system is in good working order. You want to first turn on the air conditioner and heater separately and ensure they turn on and are operating properly. Pay attention to the thermostat, making sure it is also working. You should clean out the air filters or have them replaced. Check the outdoor units to clean debris and make sure the fans and coils are clean. Have the ducts and vents cleaned out routinely as well.


The roofing system is a very important part of the annual inspection. The roof often doesn't get inspected unless there is an obvious issue, such as visible cracks on the tiles or a leak in the home. However, this usually means you are already dealing with a roof in disrepair. The better thing to do is keep inspecting it regularly so you can avoid more serious repairs. Take a close look at the vents, flashings, and roofing materials. Have the gutters cleaned out, check the condition of the downspouts, and ensure the ventilation in the attic is adequate.


You also want to check your home's plumbing system or have a professional inspect it for you. Check all the faucets, including those that might not get used often. If you have a partially finished basement, you might have a toilet or sink that rarely get used. Go ahead and test them out to ensure they are working properly. If there is a clog in any of the plumbing fixtures, try to clear it yourself, then contact a plumber to see if it is a main sewer issue. If you have a septic tank, have it inspected and pumped at this time as well.


Your electrical system is another area of the home that rarely gets inspected and maintained. When doing annual house inspections, test all of the lighting fixtures in the home. If any lights seem to be dimmed, even though they have new bulbs, there might be an electrical problem. Look at the condition of the electrical panel or fuse box, and check that all outlets and light switches are working.